• Welcome to
    Daphne High School Red Cross Club

    Sponsor: TBA

    Red Cross Club on the Eastern Shore is new to Daphne High School.The club is explicitly designed to accommodate students’ busy schedules by offering members different levels of commitment and involvement, while providing incentives from door prizes to graduation chords to motivate members to get connected in their school and to the community. The RCC Board will host an ice cream social this November in an effort to recruit volunteers to a committee of their choice, the Local, Regional, or Global Committee. These committees will each sponsor initiatives throughout the spring semester that coincide with the goals and efforts of the local Gulf Coast Red Cross Chapter. We will host a badge day this December, which will initiate every member and before Christmas break, we will host a Christmas Party. The club offers various levels of commitment and involvement to students. Students who join the club are not required to attend every event, nor required a certain amount of hours per semester. We want our members to be motivated not out of the fear of losing another gold star on their resume, but motivated to serve out of a genuine desire to help those in need. The most rewarding part of being a member will be developing relationships with others who share the common goal to help others, their hearts filled. Please consider joining the RCC this year. We promise to be accommodating towards your schedules, and give you a service experience, and social experience no other club can offer.

    Meetings: Will meet once in November, twice December and spring calendar will be sent out Christmas break. All meeting will have a morning slot, afternoon slot, or will be sent out as a video via email.