GREAT NEWS!  This year we have added another means of delivering important information to Seniors and their parents via the popular texting program Remind.

    Now, Mrs. Dombrowski, our Senior Counselor, will not only send emails on my behalf but will also send text messages as well.  So, if you see anything from Mrs. D. that says GRADUATION, it is from me.  PLEASE READ IT!

    The only way you can receive these messages, however, is to make sure that you have registered your email address (yours and your parents’) on NAVIANCE and have joined Mrs. D’s REMIND group.  Each of you should already have Naviance accounts and should have asked your parents to sign up too.  Instructions for Remind and joining Mrs. D’s group can be found in the document named REMIND for Seniors & Parents located on the left side of this webpage.  Please sign up for both TODAY!



    Balfour Representatives were on campus Tues., Sept. 19th, to take Cap & Gown orders.  If you did not place your order on that day, your order must be mailed.   

    Line 78 on the order form is for Senior Supplies which includes a Cap & Gown, Tassel, Diploma and Diploma Cover.  The cost of this item is $61.05.  Each student is REQUIRED to purchase this item if they want to participate in the graduation ceremony.  All other items are optional.

    If this is the only item purchased, the current total price is $82.17 ($61.05 + $14.00 handling + $7.12 9.5% tax).  Beginning February 10, 2018, a $50.00 late charge will be applied to all orders.  Please do not allow this date to creep up on you.  Please place your order just as soon as possible.

    The brochure included in the order packet seniors were given in the Sept. 7th meeting contains all other products offered for sale. If you want to order additional items, please refer to the sample order sheet as a guide.  Note that there three ways to order.  You can choose from among the 4 discount packages across the upper portion of the order form.  You can select individual items only.  Or, you can combine the two.  

    Once you have determined what you want please fill in the order form carefully and thoroughly.  Please print legibly with enough pressure to go through all sheets.     

    If ordering announcements be sure to use upper and lower case print when filling in the student name portion of the form in section 1.  It is appropriate for young ladies to use Miss in front of their full name.  It is inappropriate for girls to use initials.  If a girl’s full name does not fit, leave off the Miss or leave off a middle name.  Young men are allowed to use initials if they desire to do so and should include suffixes that apply, such as Jr. or III, but should not put the word Mister in front of their name. 

    Be certain to include your senior’s accurate height and weight at the bottom right corner of the form. These are used to determine the correct size gown. Balfour accepts most forms of payment including money order, check, credit, and debit .  DO NOT mail cash.

    The yellow copy of the form, the back sheet, is your receipt.  PLEASE KEEP IT until after you have received your all ordered items. Caps & Gowns will be distributed to seniors WHO DO NOT OWE THE SCHOOL MONEY OR MATERIALS and who have the required number of credits the Friday before graduation, May 11, 2018.

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.  I will be more than happy to help you complete the order process.

    2018 YEARBOOKS 
    2018 yearbooks are on sale now at www.yearbookordercenter.com or you can send a check to the school through July 31, 2017, for $70.  If paying the school directly, the yearbook order forms are included in the registration packet for the 2017-18 school year. Yearbook prices will increase to $80 on August 1st and to $90 on November 1st.  Mrs. Minoso is in charge of Senior Portraits.  Her contact information is in the document found in the left-hand column entitled Who Does What

    This page has been created to help seniors and their parents stay informed throughout the school year about matters pertaining to graduation.

    During the 2017-2018 school year, I will communicate with you by posting to the school's website and Facebook, sending emails, and via school cast phone calls.  

    Seniors and their parents are asked to maintain current contact information with the school throughout the year and to visit www.daphnehs.com frequently to stay abreast of the news.  

    This page can be easily accessed from the main page by clicking on the "Class of 2018 Graduation Information" button or selecting the “Academics” tab and then “Graduation 2018” (10th one down on the menu).  

    Posts will naturally increase as graduation nears.  I will maintain a running list of important dates and deadlines for quick reference, which will often be accompanied by a brief entry farther down on the page.

    Feel free to email me, Ellen Marler, Graduation Coordinator, at any time with questions or concerns.  (emarler@bcbe.org) 


    Daphne High School has chosen the Balfour Company to provide seniors with all items necessary for graduation as well as other products and memorabilia.  Balfour contact information will remain posted on this page for your convenience.

    Seniors who participate in the graduation ceremony MUST purchase their senior supplies from Balfour. (CAPS & GOWNS FROM PREVIOUS YEARS or OTHER SUPPLIERS CANNOT BE USED.)
    Please note, if you choose to order announcements/invitations from someone other than Balfour or decide to produce your own, you may not use the school's logo. This is a copyrighted property and Balfour is the only authorized user of this image for purposes of graduation invitations.   

 - Lee McDaniel or W.C. McDaniel

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    Birmingham, AL  35242

    Ph:  (205) 981-9868

    Fax: (205) 981-9867

    Email:  lee_mcd@bellsouth.net