MAY 18 - GRADUATION



    For those who have not yet placed an order for a Cap & Gown, announcements or other senior items, you may now order online using a credit or debit card.  Mail in order are still required if paying with a check or money.  Order forms are available in the library.  To place an online order click here: ORDER ONLINE  


    Balfour offers many very nice items including announcements and thank you notes. There is a sample order form inside the catalog.  Please note the 4 discounted packages along the left-hand side of the form.

    If ordering announcements, please note:

    • Young ladies should use “Miss” in front of their full formal name and should not use initials. 
    • Young men should not place a title in front of their name but should use a suffix, if applicable, such as Jr. or III.  Young men may also use an initial rather than their middle name, if they prefer.
    • Please print legibly and remember to use upper and lowercase letters because the senior’s name will be printed on the invitations exactly as it appears on the top line of the order form. 

    All items are optional except the cap & gown packet called the Graduation Supply Cost on Line 25 for $67.10. Included are a cap & gown, a tassel, a collar (girls only), a diploma and a diploma cover. Students who participate in the graduation ceremony are REQUIRED to purchase their gowns from Balfour. Caps & Gowns from previous years or purchased from a different source are not allowed. 

    Once all items have been totaled, add $11.00 for package & handling charges (pre-printed on order form) subtotal and then add 9.5% (x .095) to arrive at the final total.  Students must provide their gender, height and weight as this information is used to determine the size and fit of each gown.




    This page has been created to help seniors and their parents stay informed throughout the school year about matters pertaining to graduation.

    During the 2020-2021 school year I will communicate with you by posting to the school's website and Facebook, sending emails, and texting using the REMIND program.  

    Seniors and their parents are asked to maintain current contact information with the school throughout the year and to visit www.daphnehs.com frequently to stay abreast of news.  

    Information regarding graduation can be easily accessed on the main page by clicking on the Senior 2020 Graduation Information button or the “Academics” tab and then “Graduation 2020” on the pull down menu.

    Post will naturally increase as graduation nears.  I will maintain a running list of important dates and deadlines for quick reference which will often be accompanied by a brief entry farther down on the page.

    The left-hand column of this page is where you will find documents containing additional information.  Please read them.

    Feel free to email me, Ellen Marler, Graduation Coordinator, with questions or concerns, (emarler@bcbe.org).  I can also be contacted by phone (251) 626-8787 ext. 21016.  I am located in the library if you need to see me.  


    All Seniors and their parents should be absolutely certain to join Mrs. Dombrowski's REMIND group.  As you know, Mrs. Dombrowski is the Senior Councelor.  REMIND, a texting program, is the primary means by which she communicates news and information to you on a daily basis.  She has graciously agreed to send out communiques on my behalf, as well.  So, if you see anything that has my name on it, or graduation as the subject, please read it!  You will find instructions for joining Mrs. D's REMIND in a document in the left-hand column of this webpage.

    ALL Dec. Grads and their parents are urged to make certain that you have joined Mrs. Dombrowski’s REMIND.  If you were already a participant as of 11/28, you will automatically be added to her REMIND group exclusively for Dec. Grads.  If, however, you had not yet joined her group, please refer to the document “REMIND FOR DEC GRADS”, also in the left hand column of this webpage, and follow the instructions to join now.  Remind will be one of the primary means by which we are able to get information to you. 


    Daphne High School has chosen the Balfour Company to provide seniors with all items necessary for graduation as well as other products and memorabilia.  Balfour contact information will remain posted on this page for your convenience.

    Seniors who participate in the graduation ceremony MUST purchase their Cap & Gown from Balfour.  


Lee McDaniel or W.C. McDaniel

    1900Providence Park, Suite 150

    Birmingham, AL  35242

    Ph:  (205) 981-9868

    Fax: (205) 981-9867

    Email: wcmcdaniel3@gmail.com