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    2021-2022 IMPORTANT DATES: 

                MAY  19 - GRADUATION - 7:00 P.M.

    WELCOME TO THE DHS GRADUATION PAGE which has been created to help keep Seniors and their parents informed of pertinent information regarding graduation throughout the school year.

    There are a couple of notable changes worth mentioning. Prior to this school year, Balfour provided our Seniors with all of their graduation needs; everything from class rings, caps & gowns, diplomas, announcements, memorabilia and more. 

    Beginning this year, Herff Jones will become our provider. Please rest assured that we will continue to enjoy the same high level of service due to the fact that we will continue our relationship with W.C. McDaniel, now representing Herff Jones, as he continues his family’s tradition of excellence in business. The biggest challenge, at least for me, will be to remember not to say Balfour.

    The other change I would like to bring to your attention is that after twelve years of being your Graduation Coordinator, beginning this year, I will be assisting Tiffani Hudgins (thudgins@bcbe.org) who spent all last year assisting me and is ready to assume this role. We will continue to work as a team. I will be responsible for the Caps & Gowns/Herff Jones aspect of graduation while Tiffani takes on all of the rest, a sizable task but one for which she is more than capable.  

    I want you all to know that it has been my great joy and pleasure to have served DHS as Graduation Coordinator through the years. I look forward to staying involved for as long as I am needed.

    Sincerely,                                                                                                                                    Ellen Marler

    SENIORS AND PARENTS: Please join REMIND.  Instructions are on the side bar.



    Herff Jones was on campus to take C&G orders on Friday, Sept. 10. If you were unable to place your order at that time, you will have to mail it in.  Herff Jones' address is listed in their contact information below.  If you need an order packet, have questions or need help completing the form, etc, please contact me.

    If ordering announcements, please note:

    • Young ladies should use “Miss” in front of their full formal name and should not use initials. 
    • Young men should not place a title in front of their name but should use a suffix, if applicable, such as Jr. or III, and may also use an initial rather than their middle name, if they prefer.
    • Please print legibly and remember to use upper and lowercase letters (NOT all caps) because the Senior’s name will be printed on the announcements exactly as it appears on the top line of the order form. 

    It is critical that all requested contact information be included on the order form. Items which are listed as DLVD will be handed to Seniors on order day. Other apparel and swag items will be mailed directly to Seniors at the address furnished on the order form.  Items listed in the Senior Year Essentials catalog will be shipped to the school in spring and distributed to Seniors upon arrival with the exception of Caps & Gowns which will be distributed a few days before graduation.

    All items are optional except the Cap & Gown packet itself which is listed on Line 17 of the order form as Graduation Supply Cost.  Included are a Cap & Gown, a tassel, a collar (girls only), a diploma and a diploma cover. Students who participate in the graduation ceremony are REQUIRED to purchase their gowns from Herff Jones. Caps & Gowns from previous years or purchased from a different source are not allowed. 

    Once all items have been totaled, add 9.5% (x .095) sales tax for a subtotal, and then $11.00 more for shipping charges (pre-printed on order form) to arrive at the final total.  If ordering only Graduation Supply Cost, your total will be $84.47 ($67.10 + $6.37 + $11.00). 

    Students must provide their gender, height and weight as this information is used to determine the size and fit of each gown.

    Acceptable forms of payment include money orders, personal IN STATE checks, debit, MasterCard, Visa & Discovery credit cards.

    The back of the order form includes instructions as well as other valuable information as does the outside of the order envelope. You will be given a receipt at point of purchase.  Please keep it until after you have received all ordered items, including your cap & gown. 

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding Cap&Gown/Herff Jones, please contact me: Ellen Marler (emarler@bcbe.org); (251) 626-8787 ext. 21016


    Daphne High School has chosen the Herff Jones Company as our provider for all items necessary for graduation including Senior memorabilia.  Herff Jones contact information will remain posted on this page all year for your convenience.

    Seniors who participate in the graduation ceremony MUST purchase their Cap & Gown Herff Jones.  


    Herff Jones - W.C. McDaniel

    2200 Riverchase Center 

    Suite 680

    Hoover, AL  35244

    Ph: (205) 502-7534

    Office email: wcmcdaniel@herffjones.com