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    Daphne High School
    Peer Helpers

    Sponsor – Clarke and Parker

    The Peer Helpers are here to serve their fellow peers in any way that they can and to help their fellow student better themselves by recognizing that they do not have to go through any crisis/situation alone.   These students go through extensive training so that they are equipped with the tools to help their fellow classmates and peers with the pressures and struggles that face our high school students.  Peer Helpers are bound by strict confidentiality rules with the exceptions of the conditions set out by the mandatory reporting requirements.  Peer Helpers perform mediations, one-on-one mentoring, one-on-one peer counseling, prevention campaigns, training middle school and elementary school Peer Helpers, new student luncheons, tutoring, life skill training, suicide intervention, prevention  theater, awareness campaigns, and many other activities.  Students can be referred to a Peer Helper directly by contacting Mrs. Mixon, a parent, through a counselor, administrator or a Peer Helper.  If you have any other needs or questions in how a Peer Helper can help you or a student please feel free to ask. 
    This is a class course and interested students should speak to Mrs. Dabney or their counselor.