Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  • All of our high schools below offer engineering pathways that provide students with the opportunity to gain experience with general engineering design and application as they acquire discipline-specific knowledge that allows them to make informed career choices. Students choosing to enter this cluster should realize the close relationship of mathematics and science to the engineering and technology disciplines and expect to regularly apply mathematical and scientific principles throughout the courses in this cluster. They enjoy challenging curricula involving practical applications of engineering principles and technological literacy. Knowledge gained by students in this cluster includes science and mathematics principles applicable to engineering and engineering-related careers. The structured, yet active environment stimulates students’ creativity and helps them develop the necessary skills for future employment.

    Students in this cluster affiliate with the Technology Student Association (TSA) as the Career Technical Student Organization. TSA provides additional opportunities that enhance classroom instruction, develop leadership skills, and promote career development. 

     Students in these pathways have an opportunity to earn a Career Ready Benchmark in either Autodesk Inventor Certification or Solidworks Certification.

    This cluster is offered at the following schools:

    Middle Schools that offer STEM Career Technology programs: 

    Careers in this cluster include:

    • Aerospace Engineer
    • Mechanical Engineer