• Is there a summer reading assignment?

    Only Advanced 8th grade English students have an assigned book to read over the summer. They will need to read Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. There is no assignment attached to the book.


    Will students be tested over the summer reading book?

    Yes, there will be an assessment over the book during the first week of school.


    What is the difference between advanced and regular English?

    Advanced classes move much faster than regular. Students will see an increase in reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and speaking through various assignments. Students in advanced English need to be self-motivators and diligent in completing all assignments.  


    Do I need to buy the assigned novels?

    It is encouraged that all students have their own copies of novels assigned throughout the year. Our library has a set number of books available to students. Students in regular English classes will have novels provided to them. More information will be given as novels are assigned.


    What is the best way to contact my student's teacher?

    Email is the fastest way to contact a teacher.