• Frequently asked questions about SFMS's science classes.

    1. What will my child need for science class?
      • Check the teacher's web page for class supplies.  You can also access the school's home page. Each grade level's supply list can be found there.
    2. How do I set up a conference with my child's teacher?
      • You can either call the school and leave a message for the teacher or email the teacher to set up a day and time.
    3.  How can I check my child's grades from home?
      • Use the username and password that your child gets for the INow system. Please make sure that your child has access to the account so they can access their grades from school for grade checks for missing assignments or incompletes (I).
    4. What does it mean if my child has an "I" as a grade in INOW?
      • The "I" stands for an Incomplete. It will register in the student's average as a 0. This means that the student did not complete or turn in the assigned task by the due date. It can also tell you that the student was absent and has not yet completed the missing work. If the student turns the late work in by the allowed extra time, he or she will receive partial credit (according to the grade levels late work policy). If the student was absent, he or she will receive full credit for that "I", as long as it is completed by the extended due date. 
    5. What happens if my child does not complete an Incomplete (I) assignment?
      • The Incomplete (I) will become a zero (0).