• 33899 Jimmy Faulkner Drive
    Spanish Fort, Alabama  36527
    Spanish Fort Middle School was established in 2007-2008. However, the school's roots were entrenched in this feeder pattern long before that. Many of our original faculty members taught at Spanish Fort High School when it retained grades 7 through 12. In addition, some of our teachers taught at Spanish Fort School, currently Spanish Fort Elementary School, when it was a K-8 school. Since opening, Spanish Fort Middle School has grown to become the largest middle school in Baldwin County. We have three grade levels (6th/7th/8th) and over 850 students. Conveniently located on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay and Interstate 10, our feeder pattern is the youngest and fastest growing feeder pattern in Baldwin County. We can be found at 33899 Jimmy Faulkner Drive just a few miles north of Spanish Fort High School. We benefit from two outstanding elementary schools, Spanish Fort Elementary and Rockwell Elementary. We take those students and prepare them for success at Spanish Fort High School.
    Our goal is to help transition and advise students for entry into the next phase of their education. We provide a strong and rigorous background in the core classes and enrich our students' experiences with a variety of electives. We also have many clubs and athletic teams to provide opportunities for our students to participate in extracurricular activities at our school. We want their experiences at Spanish Fort Middle School to help them grow into well-rounded, responsible students who are ready to succeed in high school and beyond. We want our students to make a commitment to excellence at Spanish Fort Middle School, home of the Toros!