• Our Students Speak of Hopes and Dreams

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    “I hope to see students use this outlet to advance their interests in music and other Fine Arts. I hope to see it become a large part of our community at DHS, and I think it would be great if students with a strong interest in music would be able to use this studio to enhance their projects.”

    - Rae Alexander

    “I want to pursue voice acting, so I hope this program can help to go down that path. I want to learn more about recording and making music and sound.”

    - Madison James

    “I hope that I get to experience the birth and success of a program that invests in the arts at Daphne High School.”

    - Anna Glass

    “We have many students at this school who are secretly gifted musically, and I hope this studio would help them break out of that shell and show their potential. I’ve always wanted to learn, but I have never had the chance and this studio would give me the opportunity.”

    - Trinity Johnson

    “I hope the program will become fully developed, leading to aspiring artists and sound engineers to be able to explore their preferred field of the industry.”

    - Sam Speer