At-Risk Program

  • State at-risk funds are for students defined as being at-risk of dropping out of school or are performing at an academic level below current grade placement.  These students are at risk of not experiencing school success and are in danger of school failure and/or non-completion. Reasons for school failure or non-completion may be due to situations, circumstances, and/or conditions (e.g., environment, family, health, and other) over which they may have limited control.  By providing focused attention and assistance in identified areas of need, students will be given opportunities to experience school success. 

    Therefore, the purpose of the at-risk program funds are as follows:

    • To keep students in school.
    • To encourage regular attendance and punctuality.
    • To better prepare students for the world of work.
    • To prepare students for further educational opportunities.
    • To promote and to provide greater safety and security for schools.
    • To promote greater parental and family support.

    For the 2023-24 school year, the Baldwin County Public School System received funds from the Alabama State Department of Education that provide for:

    • Instructional supplies for ESL teachers
    • Instructional supplies for OCS aides
    • Salary and benefits for elementary school social workers
    • Salary and benefits for high school social workers
    • Local and in-state travel for elementary school social workers
    • Local and in-state travel for high school social workers. 
    • Instructional supplies for elementary school social workers
    • Instructional supplies for high school social workers
    • Travel expenses and speaker’s fee for ESL workshop presenters
    • Non-instructional software for school counselors
    • Technology equipment for school social workers
    • Application fees for the school counselors to apply for the Program of Distinction Award and the RAMP Award.