School Social Workers

  • The School Social Work Program was developed to assist students in overcoming barriers to the learning process.  School social workers work with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to address needs that may interfere with the student's ability to achieve academic success.

    Baldwin County Public School System social workers are highly trained professionals who provide a wide range of services with the overall goal of maximizing the potential of students.  Services may include:

    • Collaborating with school personnel
    • Making home and community visits
    • Performing social and environmental assessments
    • Assisting in the identification of at-risk students
    • Documenting all client contacts and interventions
    • Collaborating with referrals to community agencies
    • Acting as a mentor, when appropriate, through individual and small group contact

    Students may be referred to Baldwin County Public School System social workers by school counselors, school nurses, or administrators. 

    School social workers serve as liaisons or as "the link" between home, school, and the community.