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    Daphne High School Nurse's Station
    Health Hero will be coming to our school on March 16-17th to offer a few vaccines to our students - Tdap, MCV ( Meningococcal), and HPV.  There will not be any out of pocket cost associated with these vaccines.   If parents would like for their child to receive any vaccines, we need to have these signed consent forms returned to us no later than March 9th in order to obtain an accurate count.  Thanks so much and Go Trojans!

    For any questions, please contact our school nurses Amy Wilhelm, RN at awilhelm@bcbe.org or 626-8787 or Aimee Connell, RN at agconnell@bcbe.org or 626-8787 

    school nurses

    Amy Wilhelm, RN, BSN

    Amiee Connell, RN, BSN

    School Nurses

    Daphne High School


    The school nurse’s role is to serve as a liaison between family, school personnel, community, and health care providers. The school nurse also provides assessments and intervention, preventative services, and communicable disease control measures.


    The school nurse assists with the following services:

    -         Health Education to students, faculty, and staff

    -         Medication Administration and Health Care Procedures

    -         Referral Services

    -         Individualized Health Care Plans

    -         Vision, Hearing, and Scoliosis screenings

    -         Nursing Physical Assessments

    -         Staff Health Promotions

    -         Immunization Compliance