• Welcome to the
    Daphne High School Nurse's Station

    If you have questions regarding medications

    or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss a health plan,

    please contact our school nurses

    For any questions, please contact our school nurses


    Aimee Connell, RN at agconnell@bcbe.org or 626-8787

    Laura Guarisco, RN at lguarisco@bcbe.org or 626-8787


    The school nurse’s role is to serve as a liaison between family, school personnel, community, and health care providers. The school nurse also provides assessments and intervention, preventative services, and communicable disease control measures.


    The school nurse assists with the following services:

    -         Health Education to students, faculty, and staff

    -         Medication Administration and Health Care Procedures

    -         Referral Services

    -         Individualized Health Care Plans

    -         Vision, Hearing, and Scoliosis screenings

    -         Nursing Physical Assessments

    -         Staff Health Promotions

    -         Immunization Compliance