• Need an appointment with your student's counselor?
    Use the links below to schedule one! 

    For academic, social emotional, and school related concerns - please contact the assigned counselor.

    For college, career, financial aid, and scholarship questions - please contact the college and career coach.

    For attendance, discipline, or other administrative concerns - please contact the assigned administrator or clerk.

    Contact information below!

    9th / PreIB / IB Counselor: Zack McCraw - ZMcCraw@bcbe.org
    IB Administrator: Shay White - WWhite@bcbe.org
    IB Coordinator: Deborah Few - DFew@bcbe.org

    10th - 12th grade students by last name:
    A - G : Maddison Dombrowski - MDombrowski@bcbe.org
    H - O : Chesley Darby - CDarby@bcbe.org
    P - Z : Margaret Sharp - MSharp@bcbe.org

    Administrators by grade level:
    10 and 12 : Shay White - SWhite@bcbe.org
    11 : Wendi Lores - WLores@bcbe.org
    9 : Steven Lawless - SLawless@bcbe.org

    Attendance : Brenda Pipkin - BPipkin@bcbe.org
    Fees : Dana Blair - DBlair@bcbe.org

    College and Career Coach:
    Morrell Baxter - MBaxter@bcbe.org

  • A letter from the Career Coach:

    Good Afternoon,

    As your Career Coach, I wanted to remind you of the following:
    For questions regarding Scholarships, FAFSA, FSA id’s, Resumes, Interviews, College Applications, General College questions, Internships, Apprenticeships, and anything College and Career related , please contact me through mbaxter@bcbe.org or through this "request a meeting" link below.


    I will respond as quickly as possible.

    We may set up a Zoom meeting or Google Video Chat if I cannot answer your questions over email. I will do my best to help you in whatever you are struggling with remotely. 

    Although I am deeply saddened by the circumstances, we are going to get through this!

    All the best,

    Morrell Baxter
    Career Coach
    Baldwin County Career Technical Education