Pay As You Go Program

  • Baldwin County Public Schools is proud to have a unique “Pay-As-You-Go” program created by our CSFO John Wilson. While other school systems raise taxes and use bonds to fund construction projects, our system utilizes this program where there are zero costs to taxpayers. 

    The PAYG program was first introduced to meet the needs of our unprecedented growth. It uses existing taxes and short term loans over a recurring four-year cycle.
    Phase 1-3 projects have been completely paid off and Phase 4 projects will be paid off by February 2024. These Phases have so far provided four new schools in the county, more than 650 new classrooms and much more!

    Today, Baldwin County Public Schools are booming with construction. The PAYG program is a great example of how stable funding and a commitment to working together can solve problems.

Phases/ Construction TImeline

  • Phase 1:

    • Elberta Elementary- 14 classrooms and a new library
    • Elsanor Elementary- 10 classrooms ($1,670,099.01) and cafeteria ($1,423,284.92)
    • Central Baldwin Middle- 14 classrooms
    • Perdido Elementary- 16 classrooms
    • Fairhope High- 20 classrooms

    Phase 2:

    • Daphne East Elementary-14 classrooms
    • Magnolia Elementary- 14 classrooms addition (19,242 square feet) and cafeteria (2,400 square feet)
    • Elberta Middle/ High- 18 classrooms, 3 career classrooms, 2 Special Education classrooms, 2 labs, 1 shop, 1 band, 1 media center
    • Spanish Fort High- 24 classrooms and gym

    Phase 3: 

    • Bay Minette Elementary- a new school with 1,200 student capacity
    • Florence Mathis Elementary- a new school with 1,200 student capacity
    • Belforest Elementary- a new school with 1,200 student capacity
    • Orange Beach Middle/ High- a new school with 1,000 student capacity
    • Fairhope East Elementary/ Intermediate- Add K-6 on campus, 14 classrooms (20,888 square foot), and gym (14,400 square feet)
    • Daphne Middle- 16 classrooms, TWR, Conference Room
    • Fairhope Ninth Grade Academy- 26 classrooms and 2 labs (K1 building sale proceeds contribute to funding)

    Phase 4:

    • Stonebridge Elementary- a new school with 1,200 student capacity
    • J. Larry Newton- 20 classrooms addition
    • Daphne Ninth Grade Academy- 22 classrooms, 2 science rooms, art room, conference room, administration area, 2 TWR
    • Elberta High- new gym
    • Silverhill Elementary- a new school with 1,200 student capacity
    • Spanish Fort Elementary- a new school with 1,200 student capacity, gym, and cafeteria

    Phase 5:

    • Loxley Elementary- $26,000,000
    • Daphne High- cafeteria, classrooms, parking, relocation of softball facilities $10,000,000
    • Daphne Elementary- 20 classrooms expansion including demolition $9,000,000
    • Magnolia Elementary- 16 classroom addition $8,000,000
    • Elberta Middle- $30,000,000
    • Elberta Elementary- classrooms conversion, expansion $10,000,000