The Haven

    The Haven is a No-Kill Animal Shelter in Fairhope. They rely on donations and the generosity of the community. We will be helping them collect donations throughout the year. Students must bring a receipt with items donated!!!!          1 Hour = $15   2 Hours = $25  3 Hours = $45

    Pet Beds


    Office Tape

    Milk-Bone Dog Treats

    Pet Beds

    White Business Envelopes

    Cat Treats


    Paper Towels


    Laundry Detergent

    Trash Bags

    Blankets and Towels

    Cat/Kitten Toys

    Commercial Strength Trash Bags (33 Gal)

    Lavender Air Freshener

    Copy Paper

    Hair Dryer

    Rope Tug Toys

    Writing Pads (Legal, Letter and Small)

    Cat Scratchers

    Batteries (AA, AAA, 9v)

    Chew Toys (Hard rubber like Kong)


    Child Advocacy Center of Baldwin County

    The Child Advocacy Center in Baldwin County has been providing a host of services and resources for child victims of sexual and physical abuse and their supportive family members. These services are conducted in a home-like environment offering children who have been victimized the safety, comfort, and support vital to their healing. The Baldwin Co CAC serves hundreds of children and families each year. The CAC relies on donations for day to day operational costs. We will be helping them with donations throughout the year.

    --Students must bring a receipt with items donated!!

    1 Hour = $15           2 Hours = $25         3 Hours = $45


    Soft Drinks/Juice Boxes

    Individually Wrapped Snack Items

    Paper Towels

    Light Bulbs (Regular & Recessed)

    CD-R Discs and Sleeves


    Copy Paper


    Bathroom Cleaner


    Art Supplies (Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils)

    Glue/ Glue Sticks


    Trash Bags (8 Gal, 22 Gal)

    Swiffer Wet Cloths


    Paper Clips


    Batteries (AA, AAA, C)

    Hand Sanitizing Wipes

    Spray Air Fresheners